Get Your Car Road-Trip Ready!

It might be winter right now, but the weather in Tucson, AZ will swing to the warmer side of things before you know it. And when that happens and the lower temperatures are a mere memory, you are going to want to hit the road and enjoy the sunshine. And that means one thing and one thing only – road trip! But before you get out there and enjoy those warmer temperatures, you probably want to have your Japanese vehicle checked out first. And why not do that now, while the weather is still prohibitive of any warm-weather fun? At Primarily Japanese Auto Service in Tucson, AZ, we want to make sure your next road trip is as fun and safe as possible with a quick car check-up before you hit the road.

We Will Change Your Oil

This service, more than any other, will help ensure that your next road trip is a safe one without any breakdowns. Can you imagine being stuck when you are just trying to see the sights from the open road? Whether or not your car is or will be due for an oil change before your road trip is neither here nor there; an oil change is always a good idea. During this process, we not only change your oil and oil filter, we spot-check various other parts of your vehicle as well. This simple process will only take a few minutes and will more than any other service, make sure your car is road-trip ready.

We Will Check Your AC

Can you imagine driving the desert roads of Arizona with no AC? That sounds more like a punishment than a good time, and you would be surprised at how road-trips often seem to trigger AC failure. Instead of figuring out how to deal with a broken AC while on the road, why not bring your Japanese vehicle to Primarily Japanese Auto Service for a AC check-up? We will top off your refrigerant and check all your fans and hoses to make sure everything will be in working order, keeping you cool during your excursion.

Get Your Car Road-Trip Ready!

At Primarily Japanese Auto Service in Tucson, AZ, we hope that you take advantage of the upcoming warm weather and plan a road trip. But before you hit the pavement, come get a quick car check-up from us. You’ll be glad you did!

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