Maximizing Hybrid Battery Health During a Pandemic

Here at Primarily Japanese, we are starting to see a lot of hybrid vehicle owners having issues with their batteries and we are getting a lot of questions on why this may be happening. The pandemic has definitely caused some of us to be at home more and drive less. If you own a hybrid vehicle, this could impact your vehicle’s battery health and longevity. Here are some facts and tips to consider through this uncertain time.

Facts About Hybrid Batteries:

Toyota hybrids contain two batteries. One is a 12-volt battery, which powers components such as the headlamps and audio system. The other is a high voltage hybrid system battery, which supplies the power to start the combustion engine and drive the electric motors.

Toyota and Honda both estimate that their batteries should last 5-10 years however, driving conditions, engine temperature, mileage, make, model, and other factors can play a role in how long your battery will actually last.

Tips To Maintain Hybrid Battery Health:

  1. The simplest way to maintain charge in both batteries is to go through the normal start procedure.
  2. Press the ‘Start’ button with your foot on the break and ensure the ‘Ready’ light is illuminated on the dash.
  3. Put the car in ‘Ready’ mode for about 60 minutes before switching it off again and repeat the process at least once per week. DO NOT leave your car unattended when your vehicle is in ‘Ready’ mode.
  4. During the time your vehicle is in ‘Ready’ mode, you may hear and/or feel the internal combustion engine kick in. This is a normal part of the self-charging process so don’t be alarmed. Resist the temptation to pass the time with the radio or other systems on, this will consume small amounts of electrical power so its preferable to leave them off.
  5. Please ensure the brake is on and that you are in a WELL VENTILATED area during this process.

If you own a hybrid vehicle that needs servicing or need help diagnosing a hybrid battery issue, give Primarily Japanese Auto Service a call today and we can help! All of our services include a 3-year/36,000-mile warranty. Contact us if you have questions or schedule an appointment online. Our auto mechanics will get your vehicle back in motion in no time. Primarily Japanese is conveniently located near downtown at 600 N. Stone Ave., Tucson, AZ 85705.

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