Signs My Honda Has Electrical Problems

Bring your Honda to our shop right away if it is having electrical problems. We are going to list the signs of electrical problems below so you know what to look for in your Honda. It is important to have any problems addressed as soon as possible to avoid the potential for an electrical fire.

Difficult Starts

You may have difficulties starting your Honda if there is an electrical problem. For example, the alternator may go bad and be unable to keep the battery charged. You may also have an issue with the starter. An electrical drain can also drain the battery constantly so that it doesn’t maintain a charge.

Dead Battery

Unfortunately, these things will leave you with a dead battery that needs to be jump-started all the time. If you have had to jump your Honda and the battery is relatively new, you have an electrical problem rather than a battery problem. Bring your Honda to our shop so we can find the electrical problem.

Slow Accessories

If the Honda is not producing enough electricity, your vehicle’s accessories will slow down. This includes things like the power seats and windows. In addition, some of the electrical components may start to malfunction. For example, your navigation system may turn itself off. These are a sign that there’s an electrical problem with the Honda. Most likely, you have an alternator that needs to be replaced.

Burning Odors

We mentioned above that electrical problems can start electrical fires. As such, it is important that you avoid driving your Honda if you can smell hot electricity while the vehicle is in motion. It is much better to have the Honda towed to our shop to avoid an electrical fire. We will test the electrical system to find out where it is surging so we can repair the problem.

Blown Fuses

A sign that your electrical system is surging is blown fuses. Ideally, you should never have to replace the fuse in your Honda. The fuses generally last the life of the vehicle. If your fuses keep blowing out, however, there’s a problem with the electrical system.

Dashboard Warning

Finally, the Honda’s engine control module may turn on the battery light if there’s an electrical system problem. This light will turn on if the battery is going bad, the alternator is going bad, or the electrical system is going bad.

Do not worry. We are experts in Hondas. Give us a call today if your Honda is having electrical trouble.

Photo by Zachary Vessels from Pexels via Canva Pro