Why Is My Kia’s Engine Making Strange Noises?

Head straight to our shop if your Kia’s engine is making strange noises. Certain noises can be signs that the engine is being damaged while you are operating the Kia. It’s better to be safe than sorry and make certain that the noise you hear is nothing of which you should be concerned. To explain why your Kia is making odd noises, we are going to list the common engine noises below and their causes.


If your Kia’s engine is grinding, you should be concerned. This is an indication that there is a problem with the oil flow. Generally, the oil gets stuck behind a clogged oil filter. Driving the Kia without motor oil circulating through the engine will cause expensive damage very quickly.


If the Kia is hissing while you are driving, you may have a vacuum hose that is leaking the vacuum pressure produced by the engine. In addition, auto fluids will hiss, sizzle, or squeal if they leak out of their systems and onto scorching engine parts. Think of a hot frying pan when you put food in it.


A knocking noise coming from the Kia’s engine could indicate the cylinders are being damaged by the pistons inside of them. If the rod bearings are loose and worn, the pistons will make contact with the cylinder walls as they move up and down inside of the cylinders. The Kia’s engine will also knock if you’ve got a fuel detonation problem in the cylinders such as a lean fuel mixture.


Switching to the exhaust system, it usually pops if there’s a hole in the exhaust manifold or muffler. The Kia may also pop if the catalytic converter needs to be switched out because it is clogged with sulfur and carbon deposits. Finally, the exhaust manifold gasket will also pop if it is leaking.


If the Kia’s engine roars loudly when you fire it up, you may have just become the victim of catalytic converter theft. The engine will also roar, especially when you accelerate, if the muffler is damaged. Fixing this problem as soon as possible can avoid a moving violation for excess noise.


Finally, the Kia’s engine is going to squeal if there’s a loose belt in it. If you bring your Kia to our shop for its factory-scheduled services, we will inspect the belts and replace them when they are worn or too loose. The most common belt that squeals when it is loose is the accessory belt.

We specialize in Kia service and repair, so you can count on us to get to the bottom of your Kia’s engine noise and fix the problem.

Photo by Erik Mclean from Pexels via Canva Pro

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